• supply and installation of air-technical equipment
  • supply and installation of stainless chimney systems
Our services

supply and installation of air handling and air conditioning equipment including measurement and regulation

supply and installation of stainless chimney systems

supply and installation of locksmith products

regular inspections and maintenance of chimney systems according to the Decree no. 401/2007 Coll.

technical inspections, servicing and revision of fire flaps and wall closures

servicing and repairs of air-technical and air conditioning equipment including their measurement and regulation

antifire and heat insulation of air-technical equipment

supply of all kinds of filters and filter inserts for air-technical equipment

consultations and guidance in the field of technical security of buildings, design of individual equipment with
the provision of project documentation

monitoring and diagnostics of chimneys, air-technical pipes by using camera technology

Revision of air-conditioning equipment according to the Act no. 286/2009 and Decree of the Ministry

of Environment of the Slovak Republic no. 314/2009 (F - Gases)


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What does the regular maintenance and service assure?


extends the life of air handling and air conditioning equipment


contributes to trouble-free operation of the device


will reduce the probability of unexpected failures


saves energy consumption


saves money for unplanned emergency repairs or outages


especially in chimney systems, ensures trouble-free traction and tightness of the chimney


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Welcome to the website of business partners AXIMA SK and AXIMA TZB, s.r.o.


AXIMA SK Company was established in 2003 and four years later the legal form of the company was changed - the business was replaced by a limited liability company. Our primary goal is to build a stable, reliable and competitive company in the field of consultancy and projection related to the selection of optimal solutions and elaboration of project documentation, supply and installation of air equipment, including MaR, supply and installation of air conditioning and supply and installation of stainless chimney systems. Of course, we provide reliable and professional warranty and post-warranty service as well as regular inspections and maintenance.


The main activity of the company is mainly the supply of air conditioning equipment, air conditioners and stainless chimney systems. The company is focused on retail as well as a wholesale. Our competitive advantage is the speed, flexibility and cost of our services. The philosophy of the company is to satisfy the needs of our customers as much as possible and from the point of view of cooperation, not to be the biggest but the best partner on the Slovak and European market.


We look forward to working with you.



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